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 Fustrated with your GAME?

Schedule a Lesson, I can add pins to you game.

USBC SILVER Certified Bowling Coach/Instructor with over 40 Years of International & Domestic Experience....Available to YOU....Anywhere, Anytime!!

Receive your personal, Professional video analysis direct to your Inbox, complete with drawings and voice over to analyze your game.

Take your game to the next level with Professional, USBC SILVER Certified level coaching.....ONLY $39.95

ON-LINE Bowling Video Analysis Guidelines and Details


SUBMIT your Videos to: to receive your personal video analysis. (In subject Line Place: My Bowling video)


Follow these guidelines for video submission, using upload videos and email to



Include full view video from start to finish, using a still camera angle. STAND A FEW LANES OVER FOR FULL VIEW.


*Righ-Handers should be on an even numbered lane. If on lane 2, stand at at least on lane 4 for full side view video.

*left-Handers should be on an odd numbered lane. If bowling on lane 5, stand at least on lane 3 for full side view video.



Line up camera to swing plane and include full Body, Head to Toe, from start to finish.




USE: PayPal, Click Here





Videos are great to watch, but only a Qualified coach can help you with your game. The more experience they have the better. They can take video and show you where you need improvement. If your in the Atlanta area, I would highly recommend Paul Hammett

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